jeudi 11 septembre 2014

These interviews by Vogue are so great / Anna Wintour

I always loved these "speed dating" interviews by Vogue. This one is really cool with the no-need-to-present fashion queen.

mercredi 6 août 2014

Autumn inspiration

Autumn collections are already there.

My inspiration for next september is all about khaki.
Etoile Isabel Marant

Earrings of Isabel Marant collection

mardi 5 août 2014

July catch up // Paris

I have...

Been to Dijon to see an Erasmus best friend

Been working during July for my favorite brand ever.
Rue de Lappe-Paris 11

Isabel Marant étoile Lookbook AW2014

A sweater with my name

Isabel Marant AW2014 campaign with Gisele
Been eating and drinking a lot in the parisian summer
Paris 12

Paris 10

Paris 11

Pause café Paris 11

Paris 12

Nanashi Paris 3

Paris 12

Paris 4

Been shopping my first luxury gift ever to myself...
And some pretty basics.
Lino Tee by Zara (they're perfect wanna buy all colors)

In love

Princesse Tam Tam (thanks to the -50%)

Been discovering old pictures from 2012... Made me think I should take "old way" pictures more often...

And been looking for a new flat for next september with my future beloved roommate, and celebrating it eating indian food.

Been creating a blog to sell my stuff : go and see!

August, next : Getting the flat in Rouen, a small week of vacation with my sister and stepmother in Périgord, moving to Rouen and all that stuff.

vendredi 4 juillet 2014

Summer memories / Corsica, 2014

Some pictures of my holiday in Corsica.

Calvi, Île Rousse, mountains, beach, family and my best friend, who always says she is ugly on pictures, how can she believe that? Prettiest girl on earth.

Some polaroids. Some iPhone pictures.